Tuesday, November 20

If mobile phones were boom boxes...

then here's something to play when youre sat on the back of the bus.

Blapps Posse - Bus It (It's Time To Get Busy)
Aaron Carl - Get On The Bus

Clearly mobile phones are not boom boxes so leave the selections up to the skunk tootin raggamuffin urchins.

Sunday, September 2


I danger of doubling up (this is also on the gabba blog) here's half of the new release on KIN records the label I run with a friend. 2 step Disco, 3 minute electronic pop.

Stereo Image - Red Nights

Monday, August 13


It's good to be back, it's time to get the blog back on track so here are some tracks i test drove at the weekend to a proper up for it crowd @ Hot Date one of Birmingham's best Sunday mash up sessions, and some i didn't but i think they are all worthy of an airing

Wednesday, August 8



I know it's Summer (if you can call it that) and i am as guilty as most but the blog is in need of an injection of hot gentlemans relish, i have some i can spare what about YOU

Tuesday, July 24

Noisey French Guys Go Pop

Now that the dust has finally settled from the huge hype that surrounded the release of Justice's debut album, we can appreciate that this is a great lp. However, it is definitely stronger in some parts than others , and the comparisons with Daft Punk's debut, must be very flattering to the Justice boys. Apart from the singles, the two standout tracks for me are DNVO and Stress, the latter which has been getting plays from Erol Alkan. DNVO is one of the more pop inspired moments on the album, not too dissimilar to some of the tracks on Daft Punk's Discovery album.


Sunday, July 22

Mess Mixx

So me and misterJib challenged each other to learn and mix with this software in 2 hours:


My messy 16 minutes is here:

i got to 16 mins and fucked up mix...


ok so i found this [KRAK]TRONIC software saturday night and its a whole bunch of fun. jk and i had a remote 'virtual dj' battle sunday afternoon, the aim was to use the software and each come up with a 20 min mix for dig-et-al. mine is really fookin sloppy, embarassing in places but i blame the cans of stella and the fact i only installed it a minute ago reckon give me a couple weeks i'll get this workin for me. the results ...

misterJIB - "sunday driver crash mix"